As a highly integrated Third Party Logistics provider (3PL), BigHaul.ca is in a unique position to offer customized freight and logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors of heavy equipment to large and complex freight. As an example we can offer the following to our valued customers:
Logistics Planning:

Complete mapping of a particular move from order stage to payment resolution.
Carrier and Mode Selection
and Tendering:
Ensuring the right carrier at the right price is selected for a particular move.
Freight Rate Negotiation: We handle the negotiation between the carrier and the company, to ensure only the best rates for the move are provided. As many of the larger moves can involve multiple carriers for different components this is a proven time and money saver.
Shipment Execution: Monitoring each step of the shipment to ensure it is carried out effectively, on time and on budget. This includes all required permits, special routing or any other initiative required to move the freight successfully.
Freight Consolidation: We will when ever possible, consolidate loads to ensure even further savings are realized.
Real Time Shipment Tracking
and Tracing:
Using advanced technology tools, we will provide to our customers the ability to track their own shipments on-line throughout the entire shipment process, through our secure customer log-in section.
Freight Audit and Payment: BigHaul.ca will facilitate the payment to all carriers. We will balance the payment against actual service delivered, providing yet another area for internal cost savings to our customers.
Carrier Performance Measuring and Monitoring: Providing real world feedback to our customers and carriers about their on-going performance is a benchmark that few end users customers can afford to make time for. Being able to align ourselves with only the best carrier for the job is an incredible enabler to doing the job right, each and every time.
Management Reporting BigHaul.ca will conduct formal reviews with each of our customers to provide definitive evidence that our system works. In addition we will receive feedback as to how to structure our services to provide even higher levels of service.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) From the onset, BigHaul.ca will jointly develop with our customers a mutual set of KPIs to ensure we are both working towards the same objectives

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